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The Lord has declared 2018 as the year of ESTABLISHING AND RE-ESTABLISHING DIVINE ORDER.  God has ordained everything to line up according to his plans.  Too much pain has been placed on God's children due to the lack of order.  Even the weather patterns will line up.  Children will begin to act as children and not as adults. Adults will have to rise up with maturity and not act as little children.  That disorder has brought too much pain. Circumstances and situations will force this lining up. Respect will regain its relevancy. Husbands and wives are required to walk in Biblical order. Pain from disorder will lose.  Those single will find a different level of peace and satisfaction due to the outpouring of divine order.  Honesty and integrity has a renewed lease on the lives of God's children.  Submission to authority and fairness from authority is on the mind of God.  God is dealing with hearts so that this order is established for some and re-established for others.  These things are not debatable.  God is establishing a "shape up or ship out" standard.  God's order and not man's order TRUMPS!  No matter what it looks like in natural God is in control. It may appear as though man is in control but it is simply not true.  Pain does not win. So many of God's children are suffering from a high degree of pain.  The pain has been so great, that many have welcomed premature death.  The tables are turning premature death figuratively and literally will be required for those who intentionally and habitually bring pain to God's children.  Establishing and re-establishing divine order will transform pain into well being,  PAIN AND DISORDER DOES NOT WIN!  Flowing with the currant of divine order will set the course of prosperity in the lives of God's children.  Says the Lord of host.